We envision healthy Montana communities supported by a cohesive, responsive and informed public health system.

The Montana Public Health Institute (MTPHI) was incorporated as a Montana non-profit in April 2020. The decision to create the Montana Public Health Institute was informed by a feasibility study and design process that involved partners from multiple sectors over nearly two years. The feasibility study identified opportunities to improve the public health system, as well as services not currently provided by other organizations in Montana that could be provided by an institute. Based on extensive research and analysis, the study concluded that a public health institute could fill a critical need in building partnerships to address health-related needs in Montana and strengthen Montana’s largely rural public health system. You can read the full report, here: “Creating a Vision for a Healthier Montana: Strengthening the Montana Public Health System”.

Strengthen Public Health System Capacity

MTPHI supports state, local and tribal public health agencies, healthcare and behavioral health system partners, statewide health organizations and community-based organizations to deliver effective public health programs and services.

Health Policy Research

The MTPHI was founded, in part, to meet the need for a Montana-based entity to conduct neutral and non-partisan research, assessments and analyses to support sound health policy and funding.