Our Priorities

Strengthen Public Health System Capacity 

MTPHI will continue to support local and tribal public health agencies, healthcare and behavioral health system partners, and community-based organizations to deliver effective public health programs and services well beyond the pandemic, including:

  • leveraging funding and re-granting to communities to support health and system improvements,

  • providing backbone administrative support for public health and other community-based organizations,

  • convening and supporting multi-sector health improvement initiatives, and

  • monitoring the public health system to continue to identify and address specific capacity needs.

Health Policy Research 

MTPHI was founded, in part, to meet the need for a Montana-based entity to conduct neutral and non-partisan research, assessments and analyses to support sound health policy and funding.

MTPHI will continue to expand its research capabilities, including:

  • monitoring health policy interests of stakeholders and policymakers, and identifying vital health policy topics,

  • conducting, publishing and disseminating independent data-driven policy analyses,

  • becoming a trusted source of information to engage and educate elected officials, and policymakers about public health issues, programs, policies, funding and the public health and healthcare system.

Creation of the Institute 

MTPHI will create an organization to respond to current and emerging public health needs in Montana.

MTPHI objectives are to:

  • actively pursue funding for infrastructure, specific projects and initiative,

  • maintain staffing, expertise, partnerships and presence serving all areas of the state and all types of communities, with particular attention to frontier, rural and tribal communities,

  • maintain a communication and branding strategy that creates multi-directional communication with and among stakeholders, funders and partners,

  • maintain a performance management and evaluation system that assures the Institute continues to learn, grow and adapt to the needs of Montana communities.